The University Services Department (UFB) comprises a number of domains, clusters and specialist areas. A partnership has also been established with the faculties.

About the University Services Department

The University Services Department (UFB) provides a wide range of services and products, which directly or indirectly support the education and research carried out at Leiden University. Clients include, for example, staff and students.

The UFB has a dual structure. Particular domains are shared (facilities and services, such as Copy & Printshops) and in each University building (or cluster of buildings) there is a facility manager, who organises services and facilities and acts as the point of contact.  These are the so-called facility clusters. The division into domains guarantees efficiency advantages for the whole University, while a local presence on the part of the facility manager makes it possible to provide a good service to clients.

The UFB was formed in 1995 from different elements of the University Bureau and from a number of faculties and services. Over the years, further services have been added.


The UFB is managed by a management board consisting of a general manager, a deputy director, who is also head of planning and control.

The structure of the clusters, domains and specialist areas is set out in the following organisation diagram (in Dutch). 

Organisational structure of the partnership

A diagram represents the concept of partnership (in Dutch) with the faculties and departments within the University.

Last Modified: 31-05-2010