Decentral photocopiers

At Leiden University, students and staff have several options when it comes to photocopying and printing.


At Leiden University, students and staff have several options when it comes to photocopying and printing. Multifunctionals are available at several points in the facilities. Students and employees can use these machines to print and photocopy their documents.
For more details about how to use the multifunctionals, the Copy & Print Shops are always available to help.

Printing, photocopying and scanning - with a LU-Card

Students As of January 2015, students can use their LU-Card on the multifunctionals equipped to accept them. Staff As of December 2015, staff of the Humanities and Law departments can also use their LU cards on the multifunctionals.


Printing, photocopying and scanning - without a LU-Card

Staff in all departments except for Humanities and Law, cannot use their LU-Cards on the multifunctionals. In these departments, staff must send their printing job directly to a specific printer and do not need to produce their LU-Card to print from the multifunctionals.

The Multifunctional C5250i

The Leiden University multifunctionals offer the following functionalities, among others: - Printing on A4 format as standard, and up to A3 format.
- Single-sided or automatic double-sided printing
- Colour and black/white
- Operation using a touchscreen operating panel
- Scanning, single-sided and double-sided
- Scanning to e-mail (staff only) or to a USB stick (students and staff)
- Printing from a USB stick (PDF documents only)
- Scanning or photocopying several documents at once using a document feeder
- Letterhead as standard in drawer 1
- A4 paper as standard in drawers 2 and 3
- A3 paper as standard in drawer 4


With a LU-Card:
Instruction card - Photocopying, scanning and printing using the LU-Card
Without a LU-Card:
Adding new multifunctional without a LU-Card
Instruction card - Photocopying
Instruction card - Scanning to e-mail (staff only)
Instruction card - Photocopying a book

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Frequently Asked Questions


For errors such as a paper jam, an empty ink toner cartridge, etc., contact the nearest Service Desk, as indicated on the front of each multifunctional. Please always state the MF number of the multifunctional. If your question is not included in the FAQs, contact our multifunctional helpdesk using the contact form.

Last Modified: 08-12-2015